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Unzip the AristaFlow bundle

With the AristaFlow bundle, you can use the AristaFlow BPM Suite without installation, just by unpacking the package. After unzipping you can start the BPM tools from the corresponding folder.

  1. Download the preconfigured AristaFlow package (zip file) using the link in your email ...
    … and unzip the downloaded package into the drive C:/

  2. Follow the instructions in your email and add the licences to AristaFlow Server and Test Client. To unzip the licence file enter the password from the e-mail. Copy the licence de.aristaflow.adept2.licence_X.X.X.jar into the following directory .../AristaFlow-Chronos/aristaflow-server-integrated/lib
    Since the TestClient contains an embedded server you have to copy the licence into this directory .../AristaFlow-Chronos/aristaflow-testclient/dropins too


    From Release 11.0.0 at least Java version 11 is required. So the release 11.0.0 no longer runs with Java 8. It is the first release to run with Java 17. You can assign the Java path in the javahome.bat or manually. Alternatively you can use the JavaManager.exe to select the appropriate JVM. The complete Java path must also be entered in the ini files of all components Monitor.ini, Client.ini, ActivityRepositoryEditor.ini, OrgModelEditor.ini, ProcessTemplateEditor.ini and TestClient.ini. To do this, type in the first line, e.g.:

    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.1\bin\java.exe

    Start the Process Template Editor

  3. First start the batch file server.bat from .../AristaFlow-Chronos/aristaflow-server-integrated/bin/

  4. Then start the exe file ProcessTemplateEditor.exe under .../AristaFlow-Chronos/aristaflow-processtemplateeditor/ and log in with supervisor / password .
    Now you can model your own processes in this editor. Under Overview you get an overview of the BPM Tools and under Start tools you can find out how to start them.