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Web Client Tomcat Configuration

Web Client Configuration

  1. HTTPService.URL


  1. -Darflow.libdir=C:\AristaFlow-Chronos\WebServer\lib -Darflow.confdir=C:\AristaFlow-Chronos\WebServer\conf -Darflow.datadir=C:\AristaFlow-Chronos\WebServer\data -Darflow.logdir=C:\AristaFlow-Chronos\WebServer\logs


  1. Install "Application Request Routing" module using the Web Platform Installer
  2. Go to "URL Rewrite" and click "Add Rules..."
  3. Select "Reverse Proxy"
  4. Inbound Rules: Enter hostname and port of tomcat (e.g. localhost:8080 if listening to port 8080 on the same host), enable SSL offloading
  5. Uncheck "Outbound Rules"
  6. Give the rule a nice name, e.g. "AristaFlow RAP Client"
  7. Edit the rule and
  8. set the pattern to aristaflow-rapclient/(.*)
  9. change in the Rewrite URL from {R:1} to {R:0}