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Deployment of the Request for Time off process

For productive operations the Request for Time off process must be deployed to the AristaFlow Server Repository. The easiest way is to simply drag’n’drop the “RequestForTimeOff.template” from the AFResourceNavigator view to the TemplateManagerView at the bottom of the editor.

On deployment the process passes through a couple of further completeness and correctness checks to guarantee that the process can be run without errors. If the checks are successful the Request for Time off process is uploaded to the AristaFlow Server. If not the errors are listed and the upload is cancelled (see screenshot). In this case the Staff Assignment for the process step “Time off request declined. Change?” is missing and therefore the template could not be uploaded. To fix this problem, the InstanceInitiator is to add as Agent to this step.

Before we can run our process we have to configure some properties, e.g. the staff which is allowed to start the process.

Right-click the Request For Time Off process in the TemplateManagerView and select Open Template Status.

Under the Starter Rule point you can specify the agents, roles, org. units, etc. which should be authorized to start a Request for time off process. You can open the Staff Assignment wizard with the “…” button next to the Starter Rule to assign a complex starter rule or enter an agent manually. For our demo it is sufficient to enter Agent() in the input field next to the Starter Rule, which allows everyone to start the process. Save the change with Ctrl-S and close the Template Status.

That’s all! The Request for Time off process has been modeled, validated and deployed. Now we can switch to the end user clients to do a real live execution of the process.