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Form master (using process variables)

Processes often go through steps in which information is recorded, checked and supplemented.

In our example process we are using a kind of form master. This way, all forms get the same look and we can make changes in one central location. Its functionality adapts to the respective step as the process progresses.

To achieve this some tricks are used that cannot be found in the description of the SurveyJS Creator.

The example process

Our process essentially consists of the following steps:

The focus of our example is on the use of a form master, which is why we have deliberately simplified our process and dispensed with loops or branches.

The form master

Our example works with a form that already contains all input fields and information for the entire process. However, the individual parts are only shown in the respective process step.

We develop the SurveyJS form as described under [SurveyJS Creator] (../ surveyjs /) on the first process step and then copy it to the further process steps using the context menu.

Using process variables

The SurveyJS Creator integrated in the Process Template Editor offers the option of using process variables in the form such as the name of the activity or the agent carrying it out. A list of the process variables and how they can be used can be found under * Documentation * in the SurveyJS Creator. There are two differences that have to be taken into account when modeling.

Changing headings

In our example the name of the process step is used as the heading for the form. We achieve this via an HTML element that uses the process variable


Hide/show parts of the form

If several form elements should only be visible in a later process step, we combine them in a panel and link its logic (visibility or enability) with the number of the process step.


In contrast to the previous example, the process variable cannot be accessed directly here. Therefore, for expressions such as those used with Visible if, a Calculated Value must first be generated. To do this, we define the following Calculated Values​​ under Survey Setting / Logic. The Panel 'pnlPruefung' is enabled when the is 3, i.e. the process step 'Check invoice' is pending.