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FILERO Integration

Please check here for a general introduction to the system configuration files. The relevant config entries are to be made in the

Server Configuration

The integration of the workflow services into the FILERO web interface, the pre-shared key authentication needs to be enabled
1. Add the following entry to the configuration: OrgModelManager.SecurityManager.TrustedSharedUtf8Keys = Something very secret
1. Encrypt above using .\encryptPassword.bat -f D:\AristaFlow-Chronos\Server\conf\ -n OrgModelManager.SecurityManager.TrustedSharedUtf8Keys

FILERO user synchronization and authentication

FILERO users can be synchronized and can authenticate to the AristaFlow BPM Suite applications using their FILERO credentials

FileroDataSource.Endpoint = 
FileroDataSource.UserName = FileroDataSource.Password =
Instances.OrgModelExtension = FileroOmSync
FileroOmSync.AuthenticationPriority = 110
FileroOmSync.DisableDeletedEntities = true
# minutes FileroOmSync.SyncInterval = 30
Encrypt above password using .\encryptPassword.bat -f D:\AristaFlow-Chronos\Server\conf\ -n FileroDataSource.Password

Automatic Client Configuration

Configure the FILERO data source for using it with the "FILERO Batch" activity. FileroDataSource.Endpoint = FileroDataSource.UserName =
FileroDataSource.Password =