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Odoo Integration

Please check here for a general introduction to the system configuration files. The relevant config entries are to be made in the

REST Service Configuraiton

Please enable the REST services using the directions provided in Enable REST Services.

Pre-Shared Key Authentication, Application ACL

The Odoo integration needs the pre-shared key authentication to be enabled on the server. Accessing the Odoo application is limited and a rule needs to be set to allow users.

  1. Add an ACL to allow logon to AristaFlow from the Odoo application. Replace Agent() by an appropriate Staff Assignment Rule, the example allows all users. OrgModelManager.SecurityManager.ACL.Logon.Application.Odoo = Agent()

  2. Add the following entry for the pre-shared key authentication: OrgModelManager.SecurityManager.TrustedSharedUtf8Keys = Something very secret

  3. Encrypt above using .\encryptPassword.bat -f D:\AristaFlow-Chronos\Server\conf\ -n OrgModelManager.SecurityManager.TrustedSharedUtf8Keys

Odoo System User

The Odoo integration uses for system actions, which are not performed in the context of a specific user, a separate AristaFlow user with the username odoo. Agent and OrgPosition need to be created manually. Note, that this user needs to be found by the ACL added above, ie. the odoo Agent needs to be allowed to logon using the Odoo application.

Odoo Add-On Installation

Add the directory containing the AristaFlow BPM Odoo Add-On to the add-on path of the Odoo configuration.

Odoo Add-On Configuration

  1. Go to the Odoo Configuration
  2. Open the AristaFlow BPM section
  3. Enter the URL of the REST services as shown. The URL is logged by the Server during startup.
  4. Enter the trusted shared UTF-8 key as specified in the previous step
  5. Enable the integration
  6. Save the configuration