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Getting started

Creation of a process template

First start the AristaFlow Server and then the Process Template Editor from the start menu or via the ProcessTemplateEditor.exe as in Overview -> Start Tools described. The modeling begins with an empty graph in the Process Template Editor.

  1. Create a new project and a process template

    • Right click in the white area under the tab Local Projects -> New -> AristaFlow Project and enter a name for the project
    • For a process template, click either on the main menu File → New or on the context menu in the Tab Local Projects (left upper corner) and enter a name for the template.
      -> The starting point of a template is the start and end nodes which are created automatically.
  2. Before you make a change to the process template, you must select the area for it using the tab Palette tab in the top right corner.

    • Select the beginning of the area (start node colored green) with Preselection
    • Select the end of the area (end node colored purple) with Postselection

      Alternatively, you can also select the change area with the context menu (right-click on the arrow between the nodes).
  3. Selecting a change operation via change operations -> Insert Node (right center)

    • inserted a node, the process looks like this:
    • insert another node, select the area beforehand as in step 2
  4. Name the node by double-clicking it

    • First node: Fill out request for time off form
    • Second node: Approve time off request
  5. Define input and output parameters for the nodes (process steps)

    • Either by right-clicking above the graph or via Change Operations -> Insert Data Element
    • Fill out request for time off form writes a data element
      -> Take data element as postselection, node as preselection
      -> click Change Operations -> Write Data Element
    • Approve time off request reads the data element
      -> Take data element as preselection, node as postselection
      -> click Change Operations -> Read Data Element

Save the process template with Ctrl+S.

Test execution of the template in Test Client

  1. Single click on Run Template -> Process executed locally

  2. Start the first process step by double-clicking on fill out request for time off form in the work list

  3. Enter a value for the data element (parameter) as Output Data and confirm it

  4. Start the second process step by double-clicking on Approve time off request in the work list

  5. Verify the entry from step 3 with Confirm and terminate the process.